Biggera Waters Investment unit

Written on the 16 April 2016 by Steve

Biggera Waters Investment unit

This Biggera Waters Investment unit returned $17K in tax depreciation in the first year

Here are the results of our depreciation report for today's comparison investment property for everyone to give you an idea of what we were able to get this property investor to deduct from tax this year. How good does that block of units look?! When I was little, my dad used to pump yabbies for fishing at Biggera Waters.

Suburb: Biggera Waters, QLD

Type of Property: 3 bed 2 bath 1 car unit

Age of Property: 2013

Approx Purchase Price: $435K

Approx 1st year tax deduction: $17,000 Remember you get tax deductions every year, this is just what this family investor will get back in year 1.

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