Meet Steve

Written on the 27 June 2018 by Gillian

Meet Steve

Meet super Quantity Surveyor and tax depreciation report expert, Steve. This is Steve pictured with his beautiful daughter Ashlee on her birthday. Steve is no ordinary bloke. If he comes to your property for an inspection (we have to visit just once to gather measurements and view fittings before we can do a report for you) you won't be greeted with the usual suit and tie type.

Steve is the sort of bloke that will have a cup of tea with your grandma and chat about her bridge game at the club on Tuesdays. He is also the sort of bloke that will stop and pat the dog jumping for his attention or pick up the cat who seems intent on rubbing herself against his legs whilst he's trying to measure the size of your kitchen. Steve has also been known to have 20-minute conversations with incoherent toddlers who seem intent on asking who he is and why he is there.

But whilst all of these qualities are admirable, the things that you won't see are the things that are the most important when you are researching who should do the magical tax depreciation report your accountant or someone told you to get done. Steve has a degree from QUT in Quantity Surveying ( read more about quantity surveyors here). This means he is not just good with numbers, he is mind blowing good with them and can create a more thorough report as a result.

You see the industry changed in 2010 when it became a condition that reports had to be done by qualified Quantity Surveyors. As with all changes, a grandfather clause came in which allowed existing companies to have just one on their team qualified but not necessarily the person doing the inspection. So not all quantity surveying companies are alike.

So if you need a tax depreciation report done, ASK THE QUESTIONS is the person doing the report a qualified quantity surveyor? And then ask if they will drink tea with your grandmother and pat the dog. If the answer is no, definitely move on and get Steve.

Read more about what a tax depreciation report is.


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