When buying an investment property think about the end user

Written on the 1 August 2017

When buying an investment property, it's good to keep in mind what the end-user wants. A recent study gives a good indication of what the rental market requires.

Whilst you are looking at a variety of generations and demographics there are a few important features to bear in mind when investing.

  • Location, location, location! The inner city areas and those close to public transport are by far the most popular for renters.
  • Australia is well known for its hot climate, especially the humid sub-tropical Queensland. The average tenant wants air conditioning as standard. Whilst ceiling fans are a popular back-up option.
  • With the growth in the pet industry it is not surprising that a lot of tenants are refusing properties that are not pet friendly. A closed in yard with the ability to keep pets in is often a clincher for many renters.
  • Many renters are steering away from parking on the street and want either a designated carport or garage included in the rental.
  • A clean and maintained house that presents well is always a winner. The tenant likes to put their stamp on the place with their furnishings, but they need the basic shell to work with.
  • A modern bathroom and kitchen can transform a home and add value, tenants no longer want the old style bathrooms with the discoloured tiles, they want a nicely presented property.

The rental community is becoming much more savvy when it comes to what they want from a rental home, and if investors want their pick of the renters they need to start looking at how to accommodate the needs and wants as best they can.

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