How much would a brand new Melbourne Townhouse

How much would a brand new Melbourne Townhouse investment property get in tax depreciation in the first year? Here's today's comparison investment property in Melbourne for everyone to give you an idea of what we were able to get this property investor to deduct from tax this year. These were beautiful brand new townhouses. ...

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Housing Sales looking up for the New Year

It looks like 2016 house sales have taken a sharp rise, building consumer confidence in the housing market. New South Wales has seen signs of growth again, we saw this state plateau in 2015 and slowly tapper off, but it would appear that the buyers are back out in force. This has seen an increase in house prices and abuzz in the market. ...

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A good time to pounce

General whispers in the market place are saying that the first few months of 2016 are going to be quite slow for the property market. But whilst others live in fear this is your chance to pounce on some excellent investment opportunities. Whilst the market slows down, people get scared, buying slows down and we are suddenly in a buyer...

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